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User testing

Why gathering end-user input matters

Written by Ano Nymous on December 1, 2017

Usability testing is a helpful tool when it comes to informing and validating design decisions. What was once thought of as the responsibility of just information architects or user experience designers is now a tool available to anyone. This is great because the more accessible user test are, the easier it is to incorporate data and analysis into your design process. But it is often a challenge to know what test is the most appropriate.

There are numerous types of user tests, some of which are more useful than others. An important factor in determining the right test is knowing how test work and when they are most effective. Let’s take a look at some time-tested approaches:

First Click Test

First click test work by examining what the first click is for participants tasked with finding specific information. By asking participants to interact with a working prototype or wireframe of your design, you can begin to get quantitative guidance into how actual users will respond.

When to Use

First click test are most effective for gaining insight into how users will interact with your design. Therefore, this test is a good one to leverage towards the end of wire framing and during the early stages of design.

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